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Research opportunities

We have many current research opportunities for adolescents and their families. For more information about the studies you may be eligible for, please click on the applicable categories below.

» Research for adolescents with bipolar disorder

» Research for adolescents without major psychiatric illnesses

» Research for adolescents who have a biological parent with bipolar disorder

» Research for adolescents who have a biological sibling with bipolar disorder

» Other research opportunities

Canadian Psychiatric Risk and Outcome Study

Participants are needed for the “Canadian Psychiatric Risk and Outcome Study.”

We are looking for medically healthy youth and young adults, ages 14 - 25 who:

  • Have a first-degree family member (i.e. mother, father or sibling) with Bipolar Disorder, recurrent major depression or a psychotic disorder (i.e. schizophrenia)
  • OR
  • Are psychiatrically healthy
  • OR
  • Have been experiencing changes in mood, thinking or behavior over the past year. These symptoms may include experiencing an increase or decrease in mood; being confused about whether sounds, smells or things seen are there; thinking that others are talking about you when it's probably not true; becoming suspicious of others; or losing interest in being with family and friends.

Participants will be followed over the course of one year, with two initial study visits, one follow up visit at six months, two follow-up visits at 12 months, and an additional two study visits if their symptoms increase within the year of study involvement. Study visits will include psychiatric interviews, questionnaires, a cognitive assessment, an MRI scan, and blood work (optional).

Compensation or community service hours will be provided for time spent completing study procedures.

For more details, or to schedule an evaluation, please call us at: 416-480-6005 or email