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Division of Obstetrical Anesthesia
Department of Anesthesia
2075 Bayview Avenue,
Room M5 318
Toronto ON
M4N 3M5

T: 416-480-6100 x87757
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2009 Annual Report:

Click here to download our 2009 Annual Report (pdf file, 125 kb)

Obstetrical Anesthesia Team

Faculty | Fellows | Visiting Professors


Appointments below are within the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre unless otherwise noted. A more detailed biography page is available for each faculty member.

Dr. Stephen Halpern

Dr. Pamela Angle

Dr. Anwar Morgan

Dr. Vinod Chinnappa

Dr. Mojgan Davallou

Dr. Kamal Hussain

Dr. Andrew McNaught


Past Fellows


Dr. S. Nadiminiti, 2008-09 Dr. F. Abdullah, 2008-09 Dr. H. Alturkistani, 2008-09
Dr. A. Banerjee, 2008-09 Dr. R. Stocche, 2008-09 Dr. S. Jami, 2007-08
Dr. A. Soliman, 2007-08 Dr. V. Chinnappa, 2006-07 Dr. R. Gislason, 2006-07
Dr. Y. Murthy, 2005-06 * Dr. A. Ioscovich, 2005-06 Dr. B. Shah, 2005-06
Dr. K. Husain, 2004-05 Dr. M. Davallou, 2004-05 Dr. N. Purdie, 2003-04
Dr. W. Wight, 2002-03 Dr. T. Calhoun, 2002 Dr. M. Chochinov, 2001-02
Dr. V. Walsh, 2001-02 * Dr. M. van der Vyver, 2000-01 Dr. A. Liolli, 1999
Dr. M. Srebrnjak, 1998-99 Dr. A. Rice, 1997-98 Dr. S. Katsiris, 1997-98
Dr. L. Harfa, 1997-98 Dr. C. Giesinger, 1996-97 Dr. K. Gnanendran, 1995-96
Dr. J. Carter, 1994-95 Dr. R. Preston, 1993-94 Dr. J. Carstoniu, 1992-93
Dr. I. Yee,1991-92 Dr. D. Djordjevic, 1990-91 Dr. E. Crosby, 1988-89
Dr. B. Braude, 1987-88 Dr. J. Swartz, 1985-86 Dr. O. Rosaeg, 1986
Dr. A. Onayami, 1985 Dr A. Gidwaney, 1984-85


* Indicates Research Fellowships only. Others are Clinical Fellowship with a Research Component.



Visiting Professors


The Sunnybrook Foundation has committed to the establishment of a permanent Chair in Obstetrical Anesthesia. This position will be an appointment to the Obstetrical Anesthesia Research Unit (OARU), a research group in the Sunnybrook Research Institute. OARU is dedicated to providing international leadership in the best practices in obstetrical anesthesia and to the ongoing growth and development of research in this field.