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Odette Cancer Centre

An image of our Odette Cancer Centre main lobby

The Odette Cancer Centre is ranked the 2nd and 6th largest comprehensive cancer centre in Canada and North America, respectively; and is among the top 10 cancer centres in the world. The OCC supports over 229,000 patient visits (plus additional visits for radiation therapy, chemotherapy or other procedures) per year, and sees 10,500 new patients admitted to the Centre each year. The OCC offers the highest level of patient care while conducting world-class research and teaching in a clinical setting. 

The Odette Cancer Centre is committed towards improving the diagnosis, treatment and care of those with cancer. Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, and a partner of Cancer Care Ontario, OCC offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient treatment and supportive care services.

Research conducted has positioned our Cancer Program internationally in areas of angiogenesis, developmental biology of the immune system, image-guided therapy, development and application of novel imaging approaches and clinical trials/health services research in cancer. Our imaging faculty at Sunnybrook Research Institute is world-renowned and scientists are developing and refining techniques–ultrasound, magnetic resonance, x-ray detection, digital mammography and others–to improve and evaluate methods to detect and treat cancer.

Close collaboration between clinical and research teams on issues ranging from prevention and early detection through to new treatments and models if care, has led to innovative advances in the areas of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer.

A larger image of our Odette Cancer Centre main lobby
A bone scan machine
Two doctors examine a scan in our Odette Cancer Centre