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About gynaecologic cancer care

We are one of the largest gynaecology-dedicated care teams in Canada offering patients highly specialized treatments for cancers of the uterus, ovary, cervix, vulva, vagina and for gestational trophoblastic tumours.

About our care

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Who we are

Our gynaecological cancer care professionals are:

  • experts in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and lead in practice improvements
  • leaders in national and international clinical trials and research
  • leaders of sentinel lymph node mapping technique in vulvar and cervical cancers
  • leaders in advanced ovarian cancer care
  • internationally known for expertise in gestational trophoblastic tumours
  • very active with an interstitial brachytherapy program. Construction of a new state-of-the art brachytherapy suite with integrated MR imaging and treatment capabilities, is underway.

Patients often see more than one clinician at the same time in our multidisciplinary and inter-professional gynaecological cancer clinic for coordinated, expedited care and assessment, and to discuss an individualized treatment plan. The care team provides expertise across surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, specialized oncology nursing, pathology, genetics, pharmacy, and supportive care services that include psychology, social work, clinical nutrition and psychiatry.

Unique highlights

SHARE Clinic: Our Sexual Health And REcovery Clinic is the first of its kind in Canada, and is dedicated to helping women work through the impact on sexuality and sexual function after treatment for pelvic cancers.

Cervix cancer care: For women in their childbearing years with early stage cervix cancer, we offer fertility-saving radical trachelectomy, and sometimes cone biopsy. Sunnybrook is a leader and pioneer of the trachelectomy procedure, which is much less invasive than the standard radical hysterectomy. We have also been pioneers in the less invasive sentinel lymph node biopsy technique to detect metastases. We were one of the first to develop this technique to cervical cancer, which is as accurate as standard full pelvic lymph node dissection.

Minimally invasive surgery: We provide expertise in laparoscopic surgery in endometrial cancer, cervix cancer, and early stage ovarian cancer. This includes staging procedures such as pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissections, or radical hysterectomies, with most patients going home the day of surgery.

MRI-guided brachytherapy and interstitial brachytherapy: We are one of only a few centers in Canada to offer interstitial brachytherapy treatment for gynaecological cancers. This specialized treatment uses CT (computed tomography) imaging for guidance and involves the application of interstitial catheters directly into tissue to achieve high ablative doses of radiation to tumours.

Our future MRI brachytherapy suite will allow for improved image-guidance for interstitial brachytherapy and intracavitary brachytherapy.

Patients, families and visitors

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Uterine (endometrial) cancers

We are one of only a few Canadian centres to offer minimally invasive surgery with comprehensive surgical staging with most patients going home the day of surgery. Pelvic radiotherapy is offered using an IMRT(intensity modulated radiation therapy) approach, which is more targeted than traditional approaches. We also offer localized treatment to the vagina only, for many patients.

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Ovarian cancers

We provide assessments and counseling for individuals at high risk through our Cancer Genetics and High Risk program. We offer expertise in the management of early stage and advanced ovarian cancer. We offer advanced surgical techniques, and provide intraperitoneal chemotherapy for optimally debulked ovarian cancers, and are involved in clinical trials with the latest therapies.

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Cervix (Cervical) cancers

We are internationally known for leading practice improvements in minimally invasive surgical approaches: we are one of only a handful of institutions who pioneered fertility-saving radical trachelectomy surgery for women in their childbearing years with early stage cervix cancer; and also one of the pioneers of sentinel lymph node biopsy technique to detect metastases which is significantly less invasive but as accurate as standard full pelvic lymph node dissection. For patients with large cancers, we offer specialized brachytherapy techniques.

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Vulvar cancers

We offer substantial expertise in the care of these rare tumours. Our multi-disciplinary clinic sees and treats the most patients in the province. Treatments include surgery and radiation. We also offer the sentinel node technique to determine staging. This technique we pioneered provides a less invasive assessment that is as accurate as the standard biopsy.

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Gestational trophoblastic tumours

We are one of only a few cancer centres in Canada to offer specialized treatment. We are internationally known for our expertise and lead in the management of these tumours.

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