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Door to door fundraising

Door-to-door fundraising team

Sunnybrook Foundation at Your Door.

We are currently partnering with Globalfaces Direct Inc., a Canadian leader in face-to-face fundraising, to help us reach out to communities all across Southern Ontario who would like to support Sunnybrook. The primary focus of this program is to acquire valuable monthly donors who will provide long-term sustainable support for life-saving programs and facilities supporting the highest priority needs of the hospital.

Our canvassers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive training which allows them to speak on behalf of Sunnybrook about our mission and fundraising program. Their professional and polished image is part of our effort to ensure donors receive the best possible experience from knowledgeable and respectful representatives.

How do I know if a fundraiser at the door is from the Sunnybrook Foundation?

For security and recognition purposes, all Sunnybrook Foundation fundraisers wear identification badges (similar to below), name tags, and carry Sunnybrook pitch cards and brochures with details about our life-saving programs and facilities. They are also equipped with tablets in order to track and process your donation, and their locations, electronically.

Sunnybrook brochure and badge

For more questions about our monthly giving program, or to see if we are fundraising in your area, please read our Door-to-Door FAQ’s.

To request a change, or for more information about your monthly donation please contact:

T: 416.480.4483