Canadian Army

Doug Scott

In 1950, Doug volunteered at the age of 22, to join the Special Forces Canadian Army and serve in the Korean War. A Lieutenant in the Army, he was the Officer in Command of a transportation unit along with other duties as assigned. He served in harsh and difficult conditions. As the brigade sports officer, he was responsible for building a 440-yard track to be used for an athletic meet, a couple of miles behind the front lines. Recreation was important: running, field events, softball, anything to keep the troops busy and happy.

The field had to be level and any explosive munitions had to be blown up. This was most important part. The lines of the track were made from mine-laying tape. On July 1st, 1953 just before the end of the war, there was a meet with all of the British units participating. Three hundred athletes and one hundred and fifty officers and non-commissioned officers, lined up to march past the reviewing stand. It looked like a commonwealth parade.

Every summer, Doug and the other Korean War Veterans who live at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre, attend a memorial service at the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance in Brampton. Twenty-seven thousand Canadian soldiers left their loved ones behind to fight for freedom and democracy. Five hundred and sixteen of them did not come home.

Doug Scott and Lyle Holbrook

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