Canadian Armed Forces

Fred Allen

Fred Allen never thought he'd fulfill his dream of graduating from Staff College, but with his sharp intellect, love of the Canadian Forces, and life-long passion for learning his dream did come true.

In 2013, Fred received an Honorary Graduate Certificate from the Canadian Forces College. "It was one of the best days of my life, I thrilled and grateful to receive this honour," said Retired Captain Fredrick (Fred) Allen. Chosen by the attending students of the College, the selection of an Honorary Graduate is based upon an individual who has had a profound and lasting impact on the members' learning experience at the College.

A retired career artillery soldier, Fred served for 31 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. As a second career, he taught mathematics in a Sault Ste Marie high school for fifteen years. At 22, he spent six years overseas and faced constant danger. As an artillery soldier, he saw a great deal of gunfire, firing across the canals in Belgium and Holland during the Second World War.

Always an avid learner with a flair for writing, Fred is the author of five books. At Sunnybrook Fred loves to mingle with the other veterans. Happiness is being in Warriors' Hall together with his comrades and seeing all of the veterans gathered together. Fred especially loves when the young commanders from the College come to the Veterans Centre to visit with the old soldiers, share old stories and enjoy afternoon entertainment together.

For two decades, Sunnybrook veterans have enjoyed a strong relationship with the College. Several times a year a group of veterans go on a short bus ride to the Canadian Forces College to enjoy interesting conversation and a delicious luncheon at the Officers' Mess, the old manor on the expansive grounds.

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