Canadian Women's Army Corp

Mary Prescott

After joining up on her 18th birthday, Mary served in the Canadian Women's Army Corp. Her brother was in the air force and thus Mary wanted to do her part. "It was the thing to do, and I was looking for some excitement I guess," she said.

In her youth, Mary sang on the radio for the Eaton's Good Deed Radio Club when she was only eight. Then following a Christmas concert in Ottawa, she was discovered and recruited by a scout for the Army Show.

As an entertainer and dancer, she performed in the Canadian Army Show for Allied Troops in England, Belgium, Holland, and Germany from 1943 to 1944.

Working with the show certainly brought its share of excitement. There was the orchestra, the singers, dancers and they even had their own cook. The show was entitled, Show Boat, and there were 35 in total in the show. Together six trucks crossed the channel, leaving from Surrey, England for a big adventure.

For Mary the experience led her to the love of her life, a stage manager who signed up with the Army Show, when he could have been discharged from the army.

A member of the 1st Division, he'd been with the war since day one and had been involved in northern Africa and heavy fighting all over Italy. Luckily for Mary, he liked it there and didn't' want to go home.

Today, Mary is still as active as ever, using a power scooter to get around. Her love of music is evident and always present, as she travels in style listening to an iPhone playing all the old jazz and classical favourites.

Each week on Wednesdays, Mary takes part in music therapy sessions offered at the Centre.

"It's about my health now and music therapy is good for my mental, physical, and emotional health. Fortunately, I was able to bring my organ here with me. I love to play for the other residents on my unit."

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