Canadian Army

Walter Balfour

Wally was born in Lindsay, Ontario. In 1942, at the age of 17, Wally Balfour joined the Army and served as a machine gunner with the Lincoln and Welland Regiment, 10th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Armoured Division. He served in France, Belgium and Holland, taking part in the liberation of Bergen-op-Zoom. During the war, Wally was wounded four times and upon his return to Canada he landed at the Christie Street Hospital in downtown Toronto for further care.

Following the war, while back home, Wally received a surprise visit from a Dutch woman, who came to visit him along with her husband. It was a wonderful reunion after many years. Wally will always remember the Dutch people, and their ongoing kindness towards Canadians.

Wally has lived at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre for three years. His son is an accomplished musician and comes to the Veterans Centre often, to play the piano and entertain the veterans and their family members.

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