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Sunnybrook Magazine Spring 2016

A special feature on how Sunnybrook is advancing prostate cancer treatments and research, Sunnybrook researches make medical history, targeted radiation technologies, and much more.

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Sunnybrook Magazine Fall 2015

Pioneering less invasive cancer surgery, how medical inventions get from lab to marketplace, rise of the cardiac surgery robots, support for the most vulnerable babies and their families.

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Sunnybrook Magazine Spring 2015

Published Spring 2015

Smart technology is transforming radiation therapy. Reconstructive surgery: empowering breast cancer patients. Doctors on the frontlines of the world's crisis zones.  

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Sunnybrook Magazine Fall 2014

Published Fall 2014

Sunnybrook brain sciences program tackles some of society's most urgent illnesses. The genomic revolution: DNA and health issues. Exercise, bipolar disorder and OCD. Read about these and other wide-ranging innovations in this issue,

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Sunnybrook Magazine Spring 2014

Published Spring 2014

How advances in medical imaging are transforming care for Sunnybrook patients. Saving the limbs (and lives) of diabetics. In pursuit of an elusive cure for ALS. Cochlear implants: a biomedical marvel.

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