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Venture Capital

In 1998, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre registered Ontario's first Community Small Business Investment Fund (CSBIF) with the provincial government's CSBIF program.  We are also leading the way with the Ontario Commercial Investment Funds (OCIF) program.

Our current funds:

  1. Sunnybrook Working Ventures Medical Breakthrough Fund (CSBIF)
  2. Medical Ventures Fund (CSBIF)
  3. MedTech Partners (OCIF)

These funds provide seed funding to develop and commercialize early-stage medical discoveries.  Early-stage financing for proof-of-concept, for example, is a critical step in the process to bring a technology to market.  Owing to the high risk associated with these ventures, this type of capital has not been readily available in Canada. Therefore, these funds fill an important gap and enable research results to be commercialized. 

The funds have access to professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in science and technology and business development. They also have links to other similar early-stage funds for co-investment, as well as to their parent companies for later-stage opportunities. For example, the Sunnybrook Working Ventures Medical Breakthrough Fund is linked to Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc., and the Medical Ventures Fund is linked to Dynamic Venture Opportunities Fund.

The funds presume that if Canada's world-class scientists and intellectual property can be supported and developed, then new initiatives will address unmet medical needs and create new jobs and revenue streams. The funds are committed to enhancing Canada’s research and development infrastructure and to contributing to successful, high-quality medical entrepreneurship in our country.