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Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN)

CAIN is a pan-Canadian imaging network funded through grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). This unique research network is focused on the pathobiology of atherosclerotic disease as it pertains to the coronary and carotid circulations.

The CAIN research program involves the creation of a unique national network focused on in vivo imaging of vessel wall disease, combined with imaging of occult end-organ disease as well as the acquisition of clinical and pathological end points. CAIN enables unprecedented cross-sectional and longitudinal clinical studies of patients with atherosclerotic disease in coronary or carotid vascular beds, and has established an international resource for studying the natural history, progression, regression and novel therapeutic interventions aimed at atherosclerosis.

Vascular imaging expertise and infrastructure in all major Canadian cities are linked in this novel multidisciplinary team to form a core clinical research network; patients are recruited from qualified sites across the country to enable unique research into the vascular biology of atherosclerosis, imaging technology assessment and clinical vascular imaging. The project leader, co-PIs, core and recruitment sites represent Canada's leading atherosclerosis imaging experts, spanning coronary and carotid territories and embodying both basic imaging science and clinical imaging research.

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