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Centre for Molecular & Cellular Response & Repair

Centre for Molecular and Cellular Response and Repair (CMCRR) The Centre for Molecular and Cellular Response and Repair (CMCRR) is a multidisciplinary collaboration among Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) scientists that is organized around the two platforms: regenerative medicine and global health.

The centre is dedicated to achieving molecular insights into disease susceptibility, progression and response to therapy, and to translating those insights into novel, validated intervention strategies and treatments in four clinical areas:

  • inflammation, infection and immunity;
  • cancer;
  • cardiovascular disease; and
  • neurosciences.

Part of the Toronto-wide, multi-institutional McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine (MCMM), established in 2003 through a $50 million endowment from the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation (matched by the Ontario Innovation Trust, with additional funds from partner institutions), the CMCRR is a $20-million project.

The centre’s existing infrastructure at SRI is comprised of laboratories on the third floor of A wing, small and large animal vivaria, and a flow cytometry and scanning microscopy facility. Construction of the centre’s laboratories, which will be housed within SRI’s two-level, 130,000-square-foot M wing expansion, is underway and scheduled for completion by summer 2010.

Six MCMM-designated SRI scientists are scholars within the CMCRR. Short research overviews for each are given on the project profiles pages, and each scientist also has a full profile, which you can see by clicking on the name.

Moreover, other SRI researchers do work that aligns with the CMCRR focus on regenerative medicine. To read a profile of a scientist, click on a name.