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Kevin Imrie
Kevin Imrie

Affiliate scientist

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave., Room D4 74
Toronto, ON
M4N 3M5

Phone: 416-480-4592
Fax: 416-480-6191

Administrative Assistant: Claudette Chambers
Phone: 416-480-4592


  • Hon. B.Sc., 1984, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • MD, 1988, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • FRCPC, 1991, internal medicine
  • FRCPC, 1993, hematology

Appointments and Affiliations:

Research Foci:

  • Competency-based education
  • Assessment of competency
  • Knowledge translation
  • Malignant hematology
  • Clinical trials

Research Summary:

Dr. Imrie's research has focused on three areas. The first is clinical trials in malignant lymphoma. He has served as local or national principal investigator on major clinical trials in malignant lymphoma. He is a member of the National Cancer Institute of Canada hematology site group and was a member of the clinical trials group from 2009 to 2013.

The second area is practice guideline development and translation into practice. He has served as chair of the hematology disease site group for Cancer Care Ontario's program in evidence-based care. His work in this area resulted in seven published practice guidelines and influenced the funding of new cancer drugs in Ontario.

Recently, Dr. Imrie has become more involved in educational research and scholarship, with an emphasis on competency-based education and new methods of assessing physician competence.

Selected Publications:

See current publications list at PubMed.

  1. Wilson J, Amit M, Fitzgerald W, Dagg P, Bullock G, Steeves J, Robbins N, Snell L, Imrie K. Generalism: achieving a balance with specialization. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 2011 Jan. (Link)
  2. Imrie K, Deepak D, Bullock G, Maudsley RF, Wilson J, Jamal M, Fisher R, Saad N, Murhaghan A. The Resident's dual role as learner and service provider. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon of Canada. 2011 Jan. (Link)
  3. Lankshear S, Brierley JD, Imrie K and Yurcan M. Changing physician practice: an evaluation of knowledge transfer strategies to enhance physician documentation of cancer stage. Healthc Q. 2010;13(1):84–92.
  4. Marcus R, Imrie K, Solal-Celigny P, Catalano JV, Dmoszynska A, Raposo JC, Offner FC, Gomez-Codina J, Belch A, Cunningham D, Wassner-Fritsch E and Stein G. Phase III study of R-CVP compared with cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisone alone in patients with previously untreated advanced follicular lymphoma. J Clin Oncol. 2008 Oct;26(28):4579–86.
  5. Hicks LK, Haynes AE, Reece DE, Walker IR, Herst JA, Meyer RM, Imrie K; Hematology Disease Site Group of the Cancer Care Ontario Program in Evidence-based Care. A meta-analysis and systematic review of thalidomide for patients with previously untreated multiple myeloma. Cancer Treat Rev. 2008 Aug;34(5):442–52.

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