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Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Breast Cancer Program

What we do

The Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy service for breast cancer patients will be evolving over the next several months as the service needs for this program are fully identified. Presently, the OT and PT are participating in the pre operative teaching class, following up with admitted post operative breast cancer patients, and have separate OT and PT outpatient clinics at the Odette Cancer Centre on Friday afternoons. As well, the OT and PT will be available by pager to consult on patients as needed during the physician clinics. The OT and PT will also be available to participate in multidisciplinary breast cancer rounds, meetings and research opportunities as they relate to breast cancer care.

Although any member of the healthcare team can identify the need for an OT or PT consult, a signed physician referral is required for both inpatient and outpatient/clinic OT or PT services.

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