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Clinical Services & Programs

We offer the following Patient Services

Burn Clinic

The Burn Clinic provides comprehensive care for patients with both acute burns as well as those requiring rehabilitation and reconstruction. The Burn Clinic provides ongoing care for patients who have been managed in the Ross Tilley Burn Centre. Patients may have their doctor refer them to the clinic by contacting Dr Cartotto or Dr Shahrokhi.

Craniofacial Clinic

The Craniofacial Clinic is a leader in management for patients with injuries, tumours, and jaw deformities. Patients may have their doctor refer them to the clinic by sending a referral by fax to: 416 480-4950. Learn more about this program.

Skin Cancer Clinics

The Division of Plastic Surgery is a partner with the Melanoma Care Group. The Melanoma Clinic has a multidisciplinary team for patients with skin tumours that are melanomas or at risk of being a melanoma. Get more information.

The Skin Clinic is for patients with basal cell, squamous cell and other similar skin malignancies. Get more information on our Skin Cancer Clinics. Need a referral to one of our clinics? Learn more.