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2017-2018 Medical Grand Rounds

2017-2018 Academic Year

Date Division Speaker Topic/Link to Webcast (if available)
Sept. 6 Cardiology S. Radhakrishnan TAVI 2017: What now? What Next?
Sept. 13 Hematology D. Blunt & L. Smyth What the HLH?
Sept. 20 CWMGR M. Hutcheon 2017 Levinson Lecture - The Toronto Lung Transplant Program: Past and present
Sept. 27 Org. Development H. Moon Sharpening the tool of your practice: Language of hope
Oct. 4 Respirology C. McDonald Lung cancer and beyond: The role of interventional pulmonology
Oct. 11 Thrombosis I. Elalamy The four cardinal points of cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT): Why & how to be clot conscious
Oct. 18 Microbiology J. Gubbay Zika virus: Review and update
Oct. 25 CWMGR
Nov. 1 Ethics S. Bean, D. Selby, E. Isenberg-Grzeda Medical assistance in dying (MAiD) one year review: Lessons and reflections
Nov. 8 Neurology A. Yu From broken hearts to population data linkage science
Nov. 15 CWMGR M. Loutfy Developing a model of care for women living with HIV: Could it change how we practice as specialists?
Nov. 22 Education S. Dev One physician's story: The intersection of medical culture and physician wellness
Nov. 29 Research M. McCormack Early warning scores: How effective are they?
Dec. 6 Clinical Pharmacology D. Juurlink Twitter for healthcare professionals: The good, the bad and the ugly
Dec. 13 Fun Rounds
Jan. 3 Hematology/Oncology J. Galanaud Therapeutic management of VTE disease: What's new since 2016 ACCP Guidelines?
Jan. 10 Dermatology R. Alhusayen The evolving understanding of Hidradenitis Suppurativa: From a skin infection to a systemic disease
Jan. 17 CWMGR
Jan. 24 Rheumatology E. McKeown Rheumatoid arthritis: The whys, the hows, and what we do about it
Jan. 31 Critical Care B. Cuthbertson Anyone up for SuDDICU?
Feb. 7 CPC-Chief Resident When you hear hoofbeats....Presenting an 81-year-old female with heart failure and syncope
Feb. 14 Gastroenterology F. Saibel Food for thought
Feb. 21 CWMGR L. Robinson Comparison of US and Canadian Healthcare Systems – stories from a US immigrant.
Feb. 28 Research M. Doherty CNS metastases in oncogene-addicted lung cancer: Controversy, consensus and cognition
March 7 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation M. Godleski Burn rehabilitation
March 14 March Break
March 21 CWMGR A. Picard

2018 Barnet Berris Lecture
Fixing medicare: What are the impediments to health reform?

March 28 Senior Management D. Cass How the Department of Medicine will help invent the future of health care - and of Sunnybrook
April 4 Sibbald Lecture R. Fowler Wouldn't it be great if....
Exploring the impact of great mentorship
April 11 Med Assis Death J. Downar An update on Medical Aid in Dying
April 18 CWMGR S. Berry and D. Richardson Competence by design in the Department of Medicine
April 25 Endocrinology J. Lovshin Cardio-renal mechanisms of SGLT-2i and GLP-1R agonists in type 2 Diabetes: Salutary non-glycemic benefits
May 2 Education B. Wong Educating Wisely
May 9 Research Day S. Mishra Epidemics and supermodels...or how to lose your job in 10 days
May 16 CWMGR
May 23 Anesthesia B. Orser What happens to the brain after anesthesia and surgery?
May 30 GIM M. Cheung Choose Wisely
June 6 Infectious Disease N. Andany The current landscape of HIV infection in Canada
June 13 Awards
June 20 CWMGR Two steps forward, one step back

Thank you for your continued interest this year! Stay tuned for the fall 2018-2019 schedule to be posted soon.