Recommended resources

Many books and websites cover topics of interest to families of NICU babies, but not all are created equal. We encourage you to bring your questions, thoughts and concerns to a member of our care team, so that we can provide you with information that is relevant to your specific situation. If you are interested in other resources, we can recommend the following; we are always interested in hearing about additional resources that you find to be helpful.

More resources

Our glossary contains many of the medical terms you may hear during your stay with us.

Our educational videos for NICU families can be found on the Sunnybrook YouTube channel.

We produce a quarterly newsletter for families called Parent to Parent; past issues are archived here (in PDF format):
You can also download a PDF of our booklet for NICU families.

Inside the NICU
Our staff and family blog features family stories and helpful information for families of premature or sick infants.

Crochet & knitting program
The crochet and knitting program offers mothers a chance to come together, pass the time and create something beautiful for their little ones.

A Sunnybrook graduate dad maintains a Facebook group for NICU graduate families; it's called "The Sunnybrook NICU Families" group and you can send a request to join. Families post interesting articles, personal stories and events.

Holland Bloorview Family Resource Centre
This site offers information and support for parents raising children with disabilities.
Parentbooks, a parenting bookstore in downtown Toronto, maintains a bibliography of books related to prematurity on its website.
Zerotothree promotes healthy development of infants and toddlers.
The Canadian Paediatric Society helps parents make informed decisions about their children's health by producing reliable and accessible health information.
The March of Dimes (US) is a treasure trove of info for NICU families.
RSV Shield teaches you about protecting your baby from RSV.

Caring Bridge and CarePages are free patient and family blog services.

If you're a parent of multiples, you'll find Multiple Births Canada invaluable. Many of our families become members of local branches like MPOMBA in Mississauga or TPOMBA in Toronto.
The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network offers help to those who have suffered an infant or pregnancy loss.

Ontario Government Early Childhood Resources
Parents will find invaluable information about resources available in their community.