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Framework for APP Role Developement

We have applied a theoretical framework (Adapted from Bryant-Lukosius and Dicenso ,2004), the Participatory Evidence-Based Patient Focused Process (PEPPA), to establish a critical pathway for the development of the APP Role. In this toolkit, you will have the opportunity to walk through each of the nine steps in a detailed and interactive manner. You will have access to short modules and key helpful resources such as templates for role profiles, medical directives and evaluation. Please click on the link below to learn important background information, before embarking on the 9 step framework.

Background Preparation

The Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) Framework: Long-term integration within the physiotherapy profession and overall healthcare system

Work through steps 1 through 4 by downloading and filing out our helpful Transfer The Concept Worksheet. (PDF)

Reference: Robarts S, Kennedy D, MacLeod A, Findlay H, Gollish J. A Framework for the Development and Implementation of an Advanced Practice Role for Physiotherapists That Improves Access and Quality of Care for Patients. Healthcare Quarterly 2008; 11(2): 67-75.