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Continuing Education

Health care technology and the health care needs of our community are continuously changing. Ongoing education is essential for healthcare workers. Nurses at Sunnybrook are supported by a dynamic team of knowledgeable and skilled nursing educators and leaders who are committed to your learning and development.  The Nursing Education & eLearning Department promotes life-long learning for nurses and developments in patient care.

Nursing skills and knowledge are developed and maintained through the following education initiatives:

  • Extensive and customized Nursing Orientation
  • eLearning courses and modules  available at work and at home
  • On-site continuing education
  • Opportunities for development in preceptorship, coaching and mentoring
  • Interprofessional learning and development
  • Professional development workshops
  • Tuition, conference and poster presentation support
  • Recognition awards for Excellence in Nursing Education

The Department of Professional Nursing offers a wide range of services that focus on education and professional development, clinical support and best practice, and leadership in nursing research.

Invent your future at Sunnybrook.

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