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Nursing Careers at Sunnybrook

As an integral partner in our healthcare team, nursing is at the heart of patient care at Sunnybrook.

Sunnybrook nurses: 

  • Provide compassionate, highly specialized and dedicated quality patient care for the most vulnerable patients and their family members;
  • Improve the health of our patients and residents through their leadership, strong evidence-based competencies, clinical practice and leadership in healthcare delivery;
  • Teach the theory and practice of nursing to healthcare professionals;
  • Contribute to knowledge transfer;
  • Set new standards of excellence, develop and implement best practices in the care of patients, support of families, pain management, least restraint use and falls prevention, skin and wound care, critical care monitoring, infection prevention and control, as well as many other areas; and
  • Ensure the safety of our patients.

Sunnybrook has an extraordinary team of healthcare professionals who respond to society’s most devastating illnesses, provide care for the healthcare system’s most complex cases and work to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Nurses who work at Sunnybrook can expect to be excited about nursing practice, encouraged with their career options and satisfied with their contributions to quality of life for patients and families. Sunnybrook is a dynamic institution that values nursing staff and their important place in health care.

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