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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission compliance update

Following a routine audit of its inventory of radioactive materials in March 2014, Sunnybrook reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) that a number of these items had gone missing.

Among the lost items were smoke detectors and other material used to calibrate x-ray equipment. They pose little or no risk to the health and well being of others however, the inability to locate them prompted Sunnybrook to notify the CNSC, which resulted in a number of directed improvement recommendations from the Commission.

Sunnybrook has worked with the CNSC to implement the directions, which include:

  • Conducting an inventory of all radioactive materials and ensure they are stored properly
  • Contacting all persons involved in the disposal of these materials to obtain any further information concerning the whereabouts of the missing items
  • Developing written procedures for the renovation and remediation of areas used in the storage of radioactive sources
  • Disposing of any surplus material with an authorized vendor of the CNSC
  • Developing and conducting a training plan addressing radioactive awareness and safety for all staff (to be completed by June 30, 2014)

Sunnybrook has implemented and complied with all of the directives and has made significant progress in training the hospital’s entire staff in radiation safety awareness.