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Operating Room and Related Services

Virtual ED

The virtual ED application was created for Sunnybrook’s emergency department in order to facilitate distanced emergency care during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is designed for patients whose emergencies are non-life threatening or who otherwise do not wish to visit a facility in person for their particular ailment.

Patients may enter their registration information online, reducing the amount of time that would otherwise have been spent in a waiting room. They may then choose a time to discuss their non-life threatening emergencies privately with a physician, without having to travel to the hospital. A virtual ED visit can be scheduled for a chosen time but only on the current date, and the clinical visit is conducted over Zoom at the preferred time.

The application’s home page communicates to patients that life-threatening emergencies must be seen in person at the patient’s nearest facility, and that they should not use the application if their emergency has the potential to be lethal.

For those patients whose emergencies are not life-threatening, the virtual ED provides convenience by allowing patients to complete registration online, which saves the patient time spent in crowded clinical areas, and relieves some of the strain on emergency room resources at the hospital. Patients can then receive pertinent documents from the physician (ie. prescriptions, letters) via email.