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Energy Partnerships

We're pleased to be working with Honeywell on our energy retrofit project.

Honeywell offers a unique program called Energy and Facility Renewal Solutions. It allows government agencies, schools, hospitals and the like to pay for critical building improvements with their energy and operational savings.

Under this program, Honeywell identifies areas where customers can reduce energy consumption and expenses. The customer pays no upfront costs for the projects selected; the savings that the upgrades generate fund the work over the length of the contract, often spanning several years. Honeywell guarantees the savings so there is no risk.


  • Pays for facility upgrades with energy and operational savings.
  • Places the burden of performance and cost savings on Honeywell.
  • Offers an alternative to the traditional bid and spec process.

Customer Benefits

  • Funds critical projects that would be postponed or neglected.
  • Increases comfort and energy efficiency, and combats rising energy costs.
  • Helps address compliance issues by decreasing consumption, emissions and reliance on traditional energy sources.
  • Doesn't impact operating costs or require additional taxpayer dollars.

With Energy and Facility Renewal Solutions, organizations ultimately improve their facilities, increase comfort and balance rising energy costs with lean budgets. All of this is done without raising operating budgets or requiring additional taxpayer dollars.

Beyond energy savings, this program also means organizations can address facility renewal and capital needs while putting money back into core missions, like we're doing at Sunnybrook with the replacement of our chiller unit.

Honeywell continues to offer more renewable and alternative energy sources to the overall solution. This includes clean coal, wind power, photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal and other green technologies.

With Honeywell, Sunnybrook is leading the way to a greener tomorrow!

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