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Recycling & Waste

Our goal is to reduce the amount of garbage we're sending to the landfill....and we can make that happen with recycling!

Help to do your part by recycling these common items that are regularly thrown into the garbage:

  • Coffee/Tea cups - including Tim Horton's, Second Cup and Druxy's cups. These go in the Cans & Bottles recycling bin (or the mixed recycling bin if you are in T-Wing). Just make sure to finish your drink first!
  • Box board - Milk cartons, cereal boxes, tissue containers, and latex glove boxes can go directly into the Paper recycling container. Please rinse the milk cartons before recycling.
  • Juice boxes - Individual juice box tetra packs can be added to the Cans & Bottles recycling bin.
  • Pizza boxes - Pizza boxes are recycleable! Please include them in the Paper recycling container.