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Energy Retrofit

This chart outlines the areas of the hospital receiving energy improvements. For details about each, please see below.

Chart of location & type of energy improvements at Sunnybrook. All information included below.

  • Solar Photovoltaic Plant - installation of solar photovoltaic panels providing enough energy to maintain the lighting for one of SHSC’s wings (U WIng/Central Utility Plant)

  • Chiller Plant Upgrade - replacing cooling towers, chillers and chilled water pumps with new high efficiency equipment (Holland Centre)

  • Power Quality Upgrade - installation of LCR tank systems on selected transformers to improve and stabilize voltage, filter harmonics and improve power factor (Campus-wide)
  • BTU Metering - installation of sub meters to ensure accurate and timely measurement of fuel consumption (Campus-wide, including Holland Centre, U Wing/Central Utility Plant)
  • Lighting Retrofit - upgrading fixtures to high efficient fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts and timers, infrared motion sensors installed for better control of lighting (all wings, not including Holland Centre)

  • Building Envelope - sealing windows, doors and gaps to reduce drafts and eliminate heating and cooling losses (all locations)

  • Water Conservation - installation of low flow plumbing fixtures primarily based around low flow toilets (all locations; not including the Behavioral Unit)

  • Insulation Upgrade - insulating valves and pumps with removable thermal jackets to reduce thermal heat loss while allowing for future maintenance on equipment (all locations; not including the Behavioral Unit and Holland Centre)

  • Heat Reflectors - installing PVC reflectors with a ribbed aluminized surface on cabinet type heaters to reduce heat loss through exterior walls. (A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K, L wings)

  • DDC System Upgrade - additional control points will be added to the system to allow for better control of mechanical HVAC equipment (B, C, D, E, G, H, L, T wings, and Holland Centre)

  • Upgrade Heating/Cooling Plant Equipment - retrofitting boilers with advanced burner technology to improve efficiency, lower emissions and provide efficient, reliable and safe operation (S wing and U wing/Central Utility Plant)

  • Ventilation Modifications - installation of controls to adjust ventilation requirements to match occupancy level, in addition to converting 100% fresh air systems to mixed air systems (B, S wings, Holland Centre)

  • Zone Dampers - installation of dampers to match ventilation levels to occupancy (Campus-wide, including C, D, H, J, K, L, R, S wings)

  • Transformer Upgrades- replacing older transformers with high efficiency models (Campus-wide, including A, C, D, G, J, K, R , S wings and Behavioural Unit)

  • Air Hangling Unit Modifications - (A, C, H wings)