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Sustainable Transportation


In its stride to become more Earth-friendly, Sunnybrook has created various bicycle parking areas throughout the campus. In total, 15 covered and uncovered lots are spread out around the campus. As an extra security feature, some covered lots have also been enclosed and can only be accessed by a programmed ID card. For a small $10 deposit, the Parking and Transportation Services department (located in CG-01) will program your ID card allowing you a reliable and safe parking arrangement for your bicycle in those specified lots. For those without a preference, only a secure bike lock is required to use the uncovered lots!

PDF FileDownload bicycle parking locations map

Shuttle Buses

Sunnybrook offers a shuttle service for staff working at the hospital which provides transportation between its three sites including the Bayview campus, The Holland Centre and Women's College Hospital. The express shuttle bus is also environmentally friendly as it has been outfitted as a dual fuel system operating with natural gas as the primary fuel and gasoline as the back-up fuel. Natural gas buses emit 50% less nitrogen oxides (NOx), 90% less sulphur oxides (SOx), and 97% less small particulates than conventional buses making it a cleaner alternative and reducing Sunnybrook's environmental impact.