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Welcome to Sunnybrook’s future planning web page. This section of our website is designed to provide information on our process for developing a long-range plan to meet the health-care needs of a changing province. You will also find information on how you can get involved and help shape the future of Sunnybrook.

Our ‘Master Program’ and ‘Master Plan’

We are conducting two studies to inform Sunnybrook’s future program and service delivery, as well as our plan for construction and development of the facilities needed to deliver those programs and services.

The process of planning and construction will take many years to complete. Along the way, it will be informed by conversations and collaborations with our patients, caregivers, community members, staff, physicians, volunteers, and health system partners. The multi-year planning process requires approvals from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

The plan will be aligned to our strategic goals and guide us on the path towards inventing the future of health care.

Our process

The Province of Ontario requires hospitals to follow a five-stage planning process for capital redevelopment:

We are currently at Stage 1 in this process.

Stage 1: Proposal

The ‘Master Program’

This is the first step in the planning process. The Master Program addresses program and service elements, including:

  • Projected community needs
  • Current and future programs and service delivery to support changing demographics and disease trends
  • Future staffing and departmental space requirements
  • Integration with the larger health-care system (e.g., other hospitals, family health teams, long-term care and community services)

The ‘Master Plan’

This next step of planning addresses how our buildings and facilities must grow and change to support the future delivery of service outlined in the Master Program. The Master Program includes a multi-year infrastructure plan. It looks at issues like:

  • The condition of existing buildings and infrastructure
  • Options for redevelopment of existing facilities
  • Potential new developments/sites


We started this work in June 2018. The Sunnybrook Board of Directors will review a draft Master Plan in May 2019. Once the draft is approved by our Board, we will submit to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for their consideration.

Stage 2: Functional program

Includes a detailed look at our programs and services and how they will fit into planning. Describes HR, major equipment and space requirements.

Stage 3: Preliminary design

Block and sketch plans are developed. Details about major components, timelines and costs are prepared and submitted for approval.

Stage 4: Working drawing

Detailed working drawings are developed and contract documents for tender are drafted and submitted for approval.

Stage 5: Implementation

Approval to award tender takes place and construction begins.

Questions and considerations

There are a number of important questions to consider and to seek feedback on throughout this process:

How can we ensure patients experience smooth transitions from one caregiver to another, both inside Sunnybrook and within the larger Ontario health-care system?

How can we improve the patient experience at Sunnybrook?

Are there some programs and services we could make available in the community, rather than at an acute-care hospital?

How can we design buildings and spaces that are accessible, easy to navigate and meet the needs of our community?

Share your vision

We want to hear from you. There are a number of ways to get involved:

In the space below, post a comment about one of the questions and considerations from the list above.

Send us a question or statement via email.

Join our Patient & Family Partner network to receive notice of community planning and listening sessions, focus groups, online discussions etc.

Invite us to meet with your organization or community group. If you are interested in hearing from us, please email us.

Follow this site for updates on the planning process.