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Happy Holidays!

Sunnybrook sends our wishes for a safe and restful holiday season! Below view holiday greetings from Sunnybrook staff and patients.

In early 2021, Jennifer Atunes became one of the first pharmacy technicians in Ontario to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I always knew to get through this pandemic it would be an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality. Only after I administered the first injection did it actually hit me. It feels so surreal that I’m one of the first pharmacy technicians in Ontario to do this,” she said at the time.

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Karen Montgomery is a physiotherapist at Sunnybrook. In 2020, Karen was working as a physiotherapist in our critical care unit. Click through to see her photographed holding a patient’s hand in the critical care unit.

When the pandemic temporarily closed the barber shop at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre, registered nurse Roya Khudayar — a hairdresser in her former life — offered to provide haircuts to some of the residents on her unit. Click through to see Roya and WWII veteran Paul Murphy after a haircut.

In late 2020, both Jeff and Debbie Gifford received a second — or bilateral — cochlear implant. Dual cochlear implants help people with hearing loss hear on both sides, improving sound recognition and quality of life. “I’m taking advantage of opportunities and i’m generally enjoying life more. I’m retired, and it almost seems that i got a second chance at life,” says Debbie. Click through the gallery to see photos of Jeff and Debbie on the day of their surgeries.

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Amanda Orichefsky and her partner David welcomed their daughter Mckenzie at Sunnybrook on July 15, 2020, through Sunnybrook’s Accessible Care Pregnancy Clinic. Amanda was born with arthogryposis, a neuromuscular condition that affects the movement and strength of her limbs.

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