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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

Discharge Instructions and Follow-Up

Before You Go Home Checklist and Goals

You should have completed the following goals prior to discharge:

  • Able to walk safely with the appropriate aid; i.e., cane, crutches, walker
  • Have the necessary equipment to allow you to manage safely at home (e.g. raised toilet seat, bath seat)
  • Able to get in and out of bed on your own or with the help of your caregiver or coach
  • Able to manage stairs (unless no stairs)
  • Know what exercises to continue at home and how to progress them after discharge
  • Know what activities you can perform safely
  • Know what activities to avoid
  • Review discharge instructions with your nurse

Make sure you have:

  • Your prescriptions (e.g. pain medication, anticoagulant)
  • Your own medications returned
  • Your appointment card for follow-up visit
  • Downloaded/Accessed the myHip&Knee App »
  • Arrange for your escort to pick you up by 11:00 am. This time may change based on your progress. The team will confirm the time with you.
  • All your belongings

Download a printable version of this checklist (PDF) »