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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

Follow-Up Appointments

For most visits you will be seen by an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist/ Occupational Therapist who has a graduate degree, advanced clinical training and skills, and works closely with your surgeon. If the examination shows that you would benefit from seeing the surgeon, this will be arranged.

After hip and knee replacement, routine follow-up is very important. Although long-term results are excellent, problems can develop related to wear and loosening of the components. Sometimes these problems can be “silent” and you may not experience any pain. Consistent follow-up and early detection may prevent the need for complex revision surgery.

  • Make a reminder note for your appointment. Write down the:
    • date and time
    • location: at the Surgeon’s Office or the Holland Centre Outpatient Clinic: (416) 967-8617

Follow-up Schedule

After hip or knee replacement surgery, you can expect to have 3 appointments in the first year and appointments at year 3, year 5, year 10 and onwards as needed. Please call (416) 967-8617 for all appointment enquiries or if you are experiencing any new problems related to your joint replacement. Be prepared to provide your hospital card and health care information.

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