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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

Community Activities

Resumption of Driving

Driving may be resumed after 6 weeks unless advised otherwise by your surgeon. Check with your insurance company about any concerns you may have regarding coverage when you resume driving.

Getting Into the Car or Van

You will be able to sit in the front passenger seat of most vehicles. You will need to take rest breaks if you are travelling for long distances.

It is easier to get into a car if you and the car are on the same level (do not stand on a curb or be too close to the curb). Have the driver slide the passenger seat as far back as possible and recline the backrest.

Back up to the car seat using your walking device until you feel the car against the back of your legs. Extend your operated leg(s) directly out in front of you. Sit down slowly holding onto 2 stable surfaces. These may be the dashboard and the frame of the car (avoid holding onto the car door).

Using your arm strength, slide onto the seat so that both legs are supported on the car seat. Slide your legs in, one at a time. Once you are facing forward, the backrest of the seat may be raised back up.

Getting Out of the Car or Van

Recline the backrest. Shift towards the driver’s side of the vehicle until you can slide your legs out one at a time. Slide to the edge of the car seat, extend your operated leg(s) out in front of you and push up off the car seat.

Patient getting in and out of a vehicle

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