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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

Homemaking Activities


Groceries can be ordered and delivered from a variety of sources. You can try calling your supermarket or order from Internet sites such as You could also ask a relative or friend to do your grocery shopping for you. If you are purchasing small amounts of food, you can use a knapsack or bundle buggy instead of carrying the bags. Ask the grocery clerk to put your items into the bundle buggy.


Avoid heavy indoor/outdoor household cleaning, such as washing floors or windows, cleaning the bathroom (toilet and bathtub), vacuuming, lawn mowing, snow removal, and heavy garbage removal for 6 weeks after your surgery. Arrange for family/friends to help you with these tasks or hire temporary help from a community agency.


Try to do smaller, more frequent loads of laundry. Carry small loads downstairs in a knapsack when you walk with canes. If your laundry room is accessible without stairs, use a bundle buggy with a small load of laundry. Only take the amount of detergent required for the load to reduce the weight you need to carry.

Child Care

You will need help with younger children (infants/toddlers). Arrange for assistance from a friend or relative with bathing and, perhaps, dressing young children. Also, avoid carrying a child as their weight puts additional load on your operated knee and will affect your balance. Before walking in an area where children are playing, make sure that all toys are cleared away, as they increase your risk of tripping and falling.

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