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National Volunteer Week April 15-21 2018. A world of thanks.

Thank you to our volunteers

National Volunteer Week April 7-13 2019

“A World of Thanks” to Sunnybrook Volunteers!

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, it’s time to give “A World of Thanks!” to Sunnybrook’s more than 1,000 volunteers.

Sunnybrook volunteers get great satisfaction from helping others. During this important week, you can help volunteers feel valued and appreciated. If you’ve been helped by a volunteer, consider sending a thoughtful thank you e-card during National Volunteer Week to express your appreciation. 

Tips for showing your appreciation to volunteers

Volunteer infographic: read the plain-text version below

Read a plain-text verison of the infographic above

Show your appreciation! Tips for volunteer success

Volunteers' greatest satisfaction comes from helping to enhance the patient experience. They feel most valued when they receive thanks from patients and staff. These simple tips will help them feel appreciated and part of the team.

Small gestures mean a lot!

Welcome new volunteers
  • Assign a staff supervisor to greet them and introduce them to your team
  • Smile and use their name
  • Provide a tour, orientation and training of your area
  • Inform them who to contact when they are absent
Be inclusive
  • Consider volunteers as part of your team
  • Include volunteers in team activities and training
  • Inform volunteers of policy changes that impact them
  • Volunteers bring experience and an unique perspective. Ask for their input
Be organized
  • Respect their time and ensure their work is meaningful
  • Provide feedback and support that helps them add value
  • Inform the volunteer of department changes
  • Share the volunteer's schedule and role description with your team
Be grateful
  • Thank them and tell them how they made a positive impact
  • Include volunteers in team successes
  • Tell Volunteer Resources staff when a volunteer is doing a great job
  • Use Thank You E-Card ...