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Volunteers: Celebrate National Volunteer Week online!

Celebrate on social media!

Are you a volunteer? Celebrate your week by sharing the below graphic on your social media channels! (Click on the image to enlarge, and right click to save)

I'm a volunteer and this is my week! Happy National Volunteer Week!


If you choose to identify as a Sunnybrook volunteer on social media, please remember to keep Sunnybrook’s social media policies top-of-mind!

Respect privacy & confidentiality

Never disclose patient information or patient health information on social media in any format, including text, pictures, video and/or audio.

Use good judgment

If you state your affiliation with Sunnybrook, your social media activities should be consistent with our high standards of professional conduct. Remember: even if you don't explicitly state that you volunteer at Sunnybrook, others may easily draw the connection. This is especially important if your social media posts are public.

Be professional and polite

Social media is a public forum – even if you have private social media accounts, what you share on these platforms is out there for the world to see. For this reason, it’s important to put your best self forward. Remember: Do not say or do anything on social media that you wouldn’t say or do in the real world!

You can view more tips and information about Sunnybrook’s social media policy: