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What is the role of the Consent and Capacity Board?

The Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) provides expert panels that become involved when there are disagreements about the care of patients who are not able to speak for themselves.

The expert panels get involved only when a patient is not able to make decisions and has not left clear instructions about what care he or she would want in the circumstances.

Who is on the Consent and Capacity Board expert panel?

The Consent and Capacity Board panel is made up of a legal expert, a physician, and a member of the community.

What type of questions will the panel answer?

In the case of the ICU, the Consent and Capacity Board is typically involved in answering one of two questions:

  • What treatment or option the patient would have wanted;
  • Who the substitute decision maker should be when there is disagreement among potential decision makers.

How does the Consent and Capacity Board panel reach a decision about the treatment the patient would have wanted?

  • The panel members listen to the treatment options and the potential outcomes from each option. The panel can only choose from treatment options that are being offered by the treatment team;
  • They also consider the values of the patient or statements that he or she made during his or her life, which might help determine the option he or she would have chosen.

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