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Who are the nurses and support staff taking care of my loved one?

Bedside nurses are registered nurses (RN), specialized in critical care so they can look after patients who are experiencing life-threatening health problems.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Bedside nurses stay with your loved one for a 12-hour shift, most of the time two days in a row. In the Critical Care Unit (CrCU) and the Cardiovascular ICU (CVICU), each patient is usually assigned a nurse, and in B5ICU (B-WING 5th floor ICU) and D4ICU (D-Wing, 4th floor ICU) two patients are taken care of by a nurse.
  • The bedside nurse is also your main point of contact to provide an update on your loved one’s care, and will help you reach out to the other members of the clinical team.
  • Bedside nurses work with the team, and are responsible for coordinating patient care.
  • Bedside nurses are responsible for updating the medical team about any important changes in the patient’s condition.

Patient Care Manager (PCM) is responsible for the overall operations of the intensive care unit, including quality care delivery, monitoring patient safety issues, human resource management, budget, and ensuring policies are followed. The PCM also acts as a resource for families when questions are not answered by the clinical team, or concerns need to be addressed.

Sunnybrook’s Patient Care Managers are:

Karen McCormick in CrCU
Tel: 416-480-6100 ext. 3807
Karen’s office is located in corridor between patient care unit and waiting room

Pamela Meyer in CVICU
Tel: 416-480-6100 ext. 89620
Pam’s office is located in corridor between patient care unit and waiting room

Nicky Holmes in D4ICU and B5ICU
Tel: 416-480-6100 ext. 2286
Nicky’s office is located at C4 02b

Charge Nurses are responsible for shift-to-shift unit operations, including staff assignments and coordinating the transfer of patients in and out of unit. They are a resource for bedside nurses, assisting with problem solving and supporting them through their shift.

The charge nurses can also be an additional resource for families. They can be found in the nursing station or can be reached through the patient administrative associate (PAA) in the nursing station.

Nursing students may be assigned to care for a patient in the ICU. A staff nurse will be monitoring what they do.

Patient Service Partners (PSP) help with turning the patients, routinely every 2 hours, or during procedures or personal care. PSPs also provide assistance during physiotherapy treatments, such as helping the patient sit up at the side of the bed and walk in unit. They also get supplies and equipment needed for patient care.

Patient Administrative Associates (PAA) provides administrative support to all members of the team. They sit at the nursing station, answer calls from the waiting room, and provide access to the ICU for families. They also liaise with volunteers, families, and other supporting departments. PAAs are key players in the smooth operations of our ICUs.

Volunteers work in a booth in the waiting room between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Upon your request they will phone into the unit, and ask the PAA if you and other visitors can go in. When they are not there, a phone is available, so you can call into the unit directly to get access.

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