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Information for health-care workers vaccinated at Sunnybrook

Are you a health-care worker awaiting your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Due to an increase in vaccine supply in Ontario, the Ministry of Health announced recently that patient-facing health-care workers in high-risk roles (as defined by the Ministry) and essential caregivers to people in long-term care or retirement homes are eligible to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine sooner.

Please note: this dose timing change does not apply to all community health-care workers.

See the Ministry’s list of eligible health-care workers

The Sunnybrook COVID-19 vaccine and leadership teams have been working to develop a process to identify people who are eligible for this shortened time frame.

The vaccine clinic team will be reaching out to people who booked into the clinic as a community health-care worker or essential caregiver to someone in a long-term care or retirement home with more information and a way to self-identify as eligible.

This outreach will be done by first dose date. Our vaccine clinic team has now reached out to people who had their first dose at Sunnybrook up to and including March 9, 2021.

Our vaccine clinic has a very high number of people who booked as health-care workers or essential caregivers. The timing of outreach and rebookings will be based on vaccine supply. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please see some answers to some frequently asked questions below

I think I’m eligible for a sooner dose. What do I do?

At this time, there is nothing for you to do. Our clinic team is reaching out to people who may be eligible and asking them to self-identify. Once you receive our clinic’s email or text message, please review the criteria and follow the instructions if you are eligible.

Thank you for your patience. Our clinic has a high number of people and so we are going week-by-week for rebookings.

I think I have a high-risk job but my role is not on the list. What do I do?

The Ministry of Health provided the list of high-risk health-care workers. If you have questions about the list, please contact the Ministry of Health.

I was emailed an invite to fill out a form. I filled it out but I didn’t hear back. Why is that?

Our vaccine clinic vaccinated a very high volume of health-care workers, including hospital staff. Our vaccine clinic is inviting people to fill out our form based on first dose date. The clinic team then reviews submissions, and rebooks eligible people for a shortened second dose. These rebookings are also based on the clinic’s vaccine supply and first dose date. Thank you for your patience. If you do not hear from the clinic about a new date, please go to your second dose appointment as scheduled.

Can I book a second dose appointment using your online booking tool?

No. Our online booking tool is for first doses only. If you have booked a second dose appointment using our online system, please cancel that appointment, as you will be turned away upon arrival at the clinic.

My friend got vaccinated somewhere else. Can I share this info with them?

Please tell your friend to contact the clinic where they got their first dose.

Are you rescheduling second dose appointments for other health care workers that aren't highest risk?

Our vaccine clinic team continues to reach out to people who booked in our system as community health-care workers, based on first dose date, asking them to self-identify as working in an eligible high-risk position. The list of high-risk positions was determined by the Ministry of Health. 

Are you making this change because 16-week dose interval isn’t effective?

The Ministry of Health made this change because the province had an increase in vaccine supply. The four-month (16 week) timeframe between doses has made it possible for many more Ontarians to get vaccinated with their first dose. The most important thing to remember is that after you get your first dose, your risk of severe disease decreases (and goes down even more after the second dose).

I got my first dose in April. When can I expect to hear from you?

Because rebookings will be based on our vaccine supply, we do not have a timeline for when you might receive a notice from us inviting you to self-identify as being eligible for the shortened dose. Thank you for your patience and understanding.