Breast Cancer
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Breast brachytherapy

Our research team is dedicated to improving the outcomes and care of women with breast cancer. Our team at Sunnybrook has developed a novel treatment called The Permanent Breast Seed Implant. The Permanent Breast Seed Implant makes it easier for women to receive radiation because it delivers the radiation in a single day with less side effects than conventional whole breast radiation.

The Permanent Breast Seed Implant limits the radiation treatment to the surgical cavity. Therefore, the radiation is targeted to the part of the breast that is at greatest risk of harbouring residual cancer cells. The Permanent Breast Seed Implant is the only technique which treats the breast in a single one hour session under local freezing and light anaesthesia.

Advantages of the Permanent Breast Seed Implant

The first advantage of the Permanent Breast Seed Implant is that it allows patients to continue to live a normal life while receiving their treatment instead of having to commute daily to the cancer centre for three to seven weeks. In addition to the convenience, another advantage of the Permanent Breast Seed Implant is the substantial reduction in side effects since only part of the breast is treated and the surface of the skin is not irradiated. Therefore, women do not experience the severe, painful skin burn reactions often experienced with conventional whole breast radiation.