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Move to Improve: It’s important to be active while you are in the hospital
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Let's move to a healthier you in the hospital:
Get moving to keep your mind and body healthy!

MYTHS about moving »

  • "I'll get better faster if I stay in bed to rest."
    • Studies show that patients who are more active in the hospital tend to have shorter stays (Liu, et al., 2018)
  • "It's not safe for me to get out of bed."
    • Staying in bed is a health risk. Rarely is it not safe for a patient to move at all.
      Talk to your health-care team about what you can do safely.
  • "I'm not supposed to do my personal care, such as washing or dressing."

FACTS about moving »

Your body will thank you for getting out of bed at the hospital. Being more active can improve your:

HOW to get moving »

Move early and often during your hospital stay to help you recover. Try to do at least three moving activities each day.

At Sunnybrook, we identify your mobility level based on how well you are able to move safely. Learn about your mobility level.

Why it matters:

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