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Code Brown

Code Brown
Internal Crisis / Hazardous Spill

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre aims to provide a safe and secure environment for all patients, residents, visitors, staff, physicians, students and volunteers. Sunnybrook's Code Brown represent 4 sub-groups that include response to flood, power failure, elevator entrapment, and hazardous spills. 

Code Brown - Flood aims to provide an efficient emergency flood management team response in order to identify and secure the source, contain the water, maintain patient and staff safety, mitigate damage and restore a safe physical environment. 

Code Brown - Power Failure
aims to mitigate and provide an efficient response to power loss to ensure continuity in care.  Sunnybrook has onsite generators that automatically start when power from Ontario Hydro is interrupted.

An image of the door to open in the elevator when it is broken, with a phone receiver inside

Code Brown - Elevator Entrapment aims to provide effective response to trapped person(s) including emotional support.  Elevators are equipped with emergency brakes and cannot fall. The feeling of falling is the emergency brakes being automatically applied.

If trapped in an elevator:

  • Pick up emergency phone and state your location and describe your emergency or press the alarm button
  • Do not try to pry the doors open
  • Remain calm; security officers will respond

Code Brown - Hazardous Spill aims to respond to hazardous material spills in a timely and appropriate manner to protect human health, property, and the environment through an emphasis on awareness and spill prevention. Hazardous spills include the  discovery of spills, contamination, leak and/or suspicious/ unusual smell of an unknown substance, liquid, powder, gas, or vapor.

To report an emergency dial 5555 from any internal hospital phone, state your location and describe your emergency.