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Physician-assisted death

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What is physician assisted death?

Physician assisted death is a term to describe a situation where a physician provides or administers medication that intentionally brings about a patient’s death, at the request of the patient. The patient must be a competent adult, suffering from a "grievous and irremediable medical condition" that causes the person to endure suffering that is intolerable.

How did we get here?

February 2015: The Supreme Court of Canada struck down sections of the Criminal Code that prohibited physician assisted death for patients meeting specific eligibility requirements.

June 6, 2016: Physician assisted death will come into effect across Canada.

In the meantime, until June 6th, patients meeting the eligibility criteria can apply to a Superior Court judge to be exempted from the extension.

We want to hear from our patients and community:

What types of resources and information would be helpful to better understand physician assisted death?

Do you have an advanced care plan that outlines your future health care wishes? Your family doctor can help you.

Where would you prefer physician assisted death to take place, in the home setting or a hospital?