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Play Safe Initiative

The Play Safe Initiative (PSI) is a collaborative approach to reducing injury risk in sport and physical activity through research, education and innovation.

Reducing injury would be easy if we just asked people to stop being active but that's not the answer. The social and economic burden of acute and chronic injuries sustained by Ontarians as a result of participation in sport and physical activity is one concern and chronic disease related to inactivity is another.

It is critical to the health of our population that people get active and stay active for life but safety must be included in the call for physical activity. Play Safe is committed to safe and healthy physical activity participation in sport, recreation and education environments.

  1. Connection – provide the platform for interested individuals and organizations to come together as a collaborative "community" using the Constellation Model to leverage existing and build new synergies.
  2. Capacity – develop and sustain this community through education, research, empowerment, training and mobilizing of resources to support injury prevention.
  3. Change – shift the injury paradigm in sport and recreation activities by developing multiple strategies including development and deployment of a web-enabled system to capture and assimilate data; social and environmental change; awareness raising; and, education and behaviour change to decrease injury incidence and severity and improve healthy sport and recreation activity outcomes.

Lead organizations:

Centre for Injury Prevention, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Centre for Injury Prevention,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Lakehead University
Dr. Tom Pashby Sport Safety Fund

Consider participating

We are looking for groups across the country to join PSI and participate in research, collaboration and innovation to reduce injury risk in sport and recreation.

Download the Free Play Safe App

Developed with parents, coaches, teachers and participants in mind to manage injury symptoms and promote healthy outcomes.

Features include:

  • Hospital finder
  • Symptom tracker
  • Email symptoms
  • Photo upload

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