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Complex Evaluation Experts

Independent assessment and consultation services

Interdisciplinary assessment

A team of highly credentialed professionals conduct our independent evaluator assessments, providing evidence-based opinions to assist in case management. Our professionals provide thorough, clear, concise and defendable opinions on:

  • Diagnosis, prognosis and impairment
  • Permanent restrictions
  • Causation
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Return to work
  • Activities of daily living

All clients are assessed on their current level of function using up-to-date, standardized assessments and industry-endorsed techniques. A referral may be made to one or several of the program's professionals, depending on the client's needs. All referrals are booked within 24 hours and all reports are administered according to Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule guidelines.

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) / Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

FAE/FCEs are interchangeable terms used in rehabilitation. These specialized assessments use standardized methods to evaluate a client's injuries, current physical impairments (evaluating range-of-motion, strength, lifting, push/pull, fine motor dexterity and cardiovascular endurance), consistency of effort and vocational abilities. Results are compared to data on the functional abilities of the non-injured population.

We use varied systems to ensure the assessment matches the client's need. Proven standardized systems (including sub-components) used by Complex Evaluation Experts are:

  • Roy MathesonTM
  • EPIC Lift
  • West II

All medical information is reviewed to ensure questions are answered and sound, defensible recommendations can be made for future employment. For significant cognitive or psychological impairment, direct referrals are available to our on-site psychologists and neuro-psychologists.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

A PDA is an assessment of the physical demands and frequencies of a specific job. Our expert assessors analyze the elements of a job and classify it according to essential and non-essential components to allow for greater job matching possibilities.

When used alongside an FAE, the integrated information allows for the most effective return-to-work results. A PDA early during recovery allows the team to create a work-specific treatment program, identify and address barriers in returning to work, and establish open communication with the employer.

In-Home functional assessment

This assessment focuses on the client's level of functioning at home. The assessment discusses the client's pre- and post-accident status and current loss of function. Cost-effective recommendations assist the client in returning to a pre-accident level of function as early and safely as possible. Specific comments on the need for homemaking services are provided early to contain costs.

TTC or community assessment

This specific assessment will determine if the client can safely and independently access public transportation or other areas of the community.

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