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Lab Technologist gets Back on Track

In April 2007, Suzy Raposo was facing new beginnings. Among other things, her early 30s had just brought her dream job working in vaccine research.

On April 11, Suzy took her usual walk home. While waiting to cross the street, a speeding car lost control and hit her from behind. Spectators say she flew 20 to 30 feet in the air and was a lucky survivor.

"When I came to St. John's Rehab, I could barely move," says Suzy. "Now I'm walking again and slowly regaining my life."

Because of the accident, Suzy's career and life were put on hold. With multiple surgeries, two broken legs, a fractured pelvis, four fractured ribs, a blown rotator cuff and a brain injury that caused short-term memory loss, Suzy faced a long recovery ahead.

At St. John's Rehab's comprehensive trauma rehabilitation program, Suzy began to heal, regain muscle strength and build mobility until she was capable of returning home. Suzy benefited from a continuum of care that allowed her to participate in both inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Today, Suzy continues her care in the Back on Track outpatient program to rebuild her physical and psychological independence. With customized physiotherapy, she strengthens her balance, retiring the wheelchair she has depended on for more than a year.

Suzy's occupational therapist helps her regain arm movement, easing her ability to participate in every day activities such as sweeping and cooking. Feeling trapped with her wounded self confidence, Suzy gets encouragement and support from a psychologist to help her move beyond her emotional challenges and leave the comfort of the hospital, and her own home.

From being bedridden to living in a wheelchair, Suzy is now walking with the assistance of only a walker. With a positive outlook, she is planning to return to work and rebuild her life.