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Questions and answers about the Speaker Series

Thank you for your interest in our Speaker Series. We are pleased to be able to resume our lectures online, which can be viewed easily from your home computer or mobile device at

Due to ongoing concerns around COVID-19, making these lectures available online will help ensure the safety of our staff and you, our community.

For more information on our upcoming talks, visit

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or call 416-480-4117.

Why were in-person Speaker Series events cancelled?

Due to ongoing concerns around COVID-19 and the need to maintain physical distancing, moving to a virtual online format will help protect the safety of our community and staff.

Will any of the talks be taking place in person at the Bayview Campus again?

Not at this time, but we will let you know if things change. While we manage the risks around COVID-19, all talks planned for the foreseeable future will only be accessible through the webcast.

How can I access the Speaker Series webcast?

Simply visit at the time of the event and press play on the video player to watch the live webcast. You will also be able to submit questions in advance and during the talk by filling out the online form.

If you are unable to view the webcast video player, please try opening the webpage in a different web browser, such as Google Chrome, or try using a different device, such as a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

Do I have to watch the webcast live, or will it be archived for viewing later on?

Both. You are welcome to watch the discussion as it is taking place, between 6:30-8:30pm by visiting A link to the talk will also be available within a few days at

Can I submit a question to the panel?

Yes. You can either submit a question in advance or during the discussion at Please note that we will do our best, but may not be able to answer all questions in the timeframe available.

How often will the Speaker Series lectures take place online?

The Speaker Series discussions will continue to take place 8 times per year. That includes the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October and November.

I would like to speak with someone in person. What number should I call?

The Speaker Series phone line is 416-480-4117. Please leave a message with your question, and representative will call you back.

How can I register to receive notifications about future talks?

Click here to sign up for the Speaker Series mailing list »

You can also add your contact information to the evaluation form survey, which we encourage viewers to fill out after each discussion

If you prefer to receive a hard copy of the invitation to your home by mail, please email us at

Kindly note that the contact information you provide will only be used for outreach around the Speaker Series, and is not shared.

I have an idea for a future Speaker Series topic. How can I share that?

We welcome your input and ideas for future talks! Please email us at