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Inventing the Future of Health Care for Ontario and Beyond: Strategic Plan 2018-21
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Strategic Enablers

To achieve Strategic Plan 2018-21, there are a few key elements the hospital has to have in place to ensure the successful implementation of this strategy.


Sunnybrook has to continue to attract investment from government, donors, and private industry to achieve its mission and vision.

As a public hospital, Sunnybrook’s largest funder is the Government of Ontario. Funding from the province is based on a number of factors including performance indicators that are related to efficiencies in care and complexity and acuity of patients. The hospital will continue to pursue a strategy whereby patients who benefit most from Sunnybrook’s programs and services are able to access the organization’s resources.

Philanthropy is fundamental to Sunnybrook’s ability to invent the future of health care. The pace of medical innovation can only be accelerated by the generosity of our community. To achieve our plan, we must attract the best medical minds, fund discovery, build state-of-the-art facilities, and acquire the world’s most advanced equipment. These things are not fully funded by our government partners. Our community, made up of grateful patients, families, neighbours and friends, fills the gaps in funding, pushing us from good to great.

Sunnybrook is working with industry partners to help fund innovations in care and to bring new ideas to a broader marketplace.


A sizeable amount of the hospital’s infrastructure dates to when Sunnybrook opened its doors in 1948 and much of it is in need of an update to meet the increasing demand for patient care. Sunnybrook is completing what is called a ‘master plan’ for its Bayview campus, which is a document that details how the site will be optimized to care for the increases and changes in patient demand.

Digital Health

Sunnybrook’s digital assets, such as MyChart and SunnyCare, are high powered tools to help the hospital’s clinical teams and patients connect and collaborate. Strategic Plan 2018-21 takes these tools and other applications to build a virtual health network with the community providers and the people Sunnybrook serves. In addition, Sunnybrook is developing new web based tools to enable patients to do things such as pay their bills, refill prescriptions, and book appointments online.

Data and Analytics

Sunnybrook is structuring its data and analytics areas to ensure they are providing the best information to inform our decision-making and allow the hospital to make course corrections in strategy as needed.

Program Restructuring

There is some shifting of programs and internal alignment to ensure teams are aligned around the achievement of Strategic Plan 2018-21.

Some of the more noticeable shifts is the movement of the former ‘Veterans and Community Program’ into two separate entities. One will focus solely on the care of Canada’s war Veterans and the other will focus attention on further integration with community care providers.

Sunnybrook is also moving its Emergency Department reporting structure into the newly formed Integrated Community program. This will allow for improved follow up with community care providers when patients visit the ED.

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