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Inventing the Future of Health Care for Ontario and Beyond: Strategic Plan 2018-21
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Strategic Direction:
High Performing Teams

Sunnybrook is committed to building and strengthening high performing teams that invent the future of health care. To deliver high quality care requires teamwork – not only from within the walls of Sunnybrook, but also in collaboration with partners in the system. In this Strategic Direction, the emphasis is on building high performing teams that centre around the needs of the patient both at the hospital and in the community.


Build high performing teams within Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook’s strength is its people working together. The hospital is committed to provide education and training to build high performing teams that set new standards of excellence. To build a career at Sunnybrook, people are expected to be innovative and do something new. This goal is about recruiting and retaining those who are inspired by the opportunity to redefine their areas of expertise and are committed to achieving the hospital’s vision to invent the future of health care.

Promote the development of Team Ontario through Sunnybrook’s local and provincial roles

Building a high performing team across the system requires the hospital’s leaders and staff to work openly with partners to share and identify projects that will benefit patients. This involves setting joint goals with other organizations that are committed to improving the experience and quality of care for patients across the health care system.


Understanding how teams form — both inside the organization and within the system — and come together to rally behind a common goal is an area that can be studied and shared with other jurisdictions. Sunnybrook will examine what constitutes a ‘high performing team’ through this Strategic Direction and learn how these characteristics can be recreated in other settings to consistently provide the best opportunity for success.


Sunnybrook has a history of teaching in the context of multi-professional teams and this Strategic Direction will continue this work to further modify and define how people best learn in these types of settings. Teamwork is fundamental to success in health care, and this Strategic Direction is focused on how teams excel under various circumstances and how this can be taught throughout the system.

Sustainability / Opportunities

Determining the best composition of a team to provide for the needs of the patient across the system of care, is a prominent opportunity in this Strategic Direction. In health care, teams are dynamic and change depending on clinical need and complexity; this area of the Strategic Plan is focused on developing teams that can excel and are best matched to the changing needs of patients.

Health care team

Example: Ontario’s innovative Supplementary Emergency Medicine Experience

This program began as a pilot project in 2013, and has been running every spring and fall since 2015. It offers paid fellowships to family physicians practicing in smaller or rural communities who want to build up their emergency medicine skills. Participants spend three weeks in Toronto, completing two four-week placements in the EDs of GTA hospitals. They get an additional month for clinical study, which they can spend either working in intensive care or in a two-week trauma rotation at either Sunnybrook or St. Mike’s, usually complemented with two-weeks of anesthesia training.

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