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Inventing the Future of Health Care for Ontario and Beyond: Strategic Plan 2018-21
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Whatís New for 2018-21?

In the past three strategic planning cycles, Sunnybrook identified a number of Strategic Priorities within our programs that have international recognition for the care they provide, the research they conduct, and the educational opportunities they offer.

This approach was successful to help build Sunnybrook’s reputation as a major research and teaching hospital across Canada and beyond. However, there were unintended consequences to defining emphasis on these specific areas, mainly, it created a sense of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ among our teams.

To address this, as the hospital set out on its 2018-21 strategic planning journey, one of its main objectives was to develop a more inclusive plan that would motivate and inspire all of Sunnybrook to achieve the hospital’s vision to invent the future of health care.

Strategic Plan 2018-21 has four Strategic Directions that the hospital will align to over the three-year horizon of the plan.

The four Strategic Directions are:

  • Personalized and precise treatments
  • Integrated sustainable models of care across the health system
  • Improving quality and creating a better care experience
  • Building high performing teams

A graphic representation of the Strategic Plan, with the four directions: Personalized & Precise Treatments, Integrated & Sustainable Models of Care, Quality & Creating a Better Care Experience, High Performing Teams. Surrounding this are four bubbles, representing our academic health sciences centre future, our partners, our patients, and our people

Although Strategic Plan 2018-21 moves away from the former named Strategic Priorities, there are areas of focus that remain integral to the hospital’s mission and focus for investment and development. They also play a critical role in the functioning of the Ontario health care system.

These areas of care are essential components of Sunnybrook’s identity and the hospital is expected to lead in these areas such as providing care to major trauma and burn patients, high-risk pregnancies and low birth weight infants, and to patients with complex cancers. Sunnybrook is also expected to lead in the creation of new treatments such as those for the brain and heart that use sophisticated imaging equipment developed in the hospital’s research institute.

With this plan, Sunnybrook has defined nine program areas:

  • Holland Bone and Joint Program
  • Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program
  • Integrated Community Medicine Program
  • Odette Cancer Program
  • Schulich Heart Program
  • St. John’s Rehab Program
  • Tory Trauma Program
  • Veterans Program
  • DAN Women and Babies Program

Sunnybrook plays a role in serving the primary health care needs of its surrounding neighbourhood and those services will also continue to be provided however, patients from outlying communities who need less complex care, will be encouraged to seek care that is available closer to their homes.

Sunnybrook’s intention with this plan is to make certain the hospital remains a critical resource for the province for those services that are unavailable in many communities across Ontario and it will work with its partners to advance efforts towards a more integrated, sustainable, and quality health care system.

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