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Thoughts from the dying about living:

Perspectives of patients in the palliative care unit

Every life has a story, filled with countless experiences, from beginning to end.

We wanted to give a voice to Sunnybrook patients in the palliative care unit, to share their thoughts on living and dying. What have they learned they would like others to know? What are their words of wisdom, regret or truth?

This ongoing project will bring you their perspectives in both video and print.

Read their stories below ↓ 

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About this project

» What is palliative care?

Palliative care is specialized care for people who are dealing with serious and often life-threatening illness. The aim is to provide relief and support for pain and other physical and psychological symptoms, and in turn provide the best quality of life possible.

» Is palliative care given only to the dying?

No. While many people receive this type of care if they have a life-threatening or terminal illness, others may see a change in their symptoms and may stop needing palliative care.

» Did everyone who was asked participate?

We spoke to many patients about the project. Some felt comfortable sharing their experiences but others did not.

» What happened to the people who participated?

All patients had advanced illnesses, however no update will be provided on their status.